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Money Matters

For many students, financial assistance is necessary to begin a course and to stay the distance. To help reduce or remove those financial barriers, Barnfield College invites all students having such difficulties to discuss with us how we may be able to help.

Although most financial support is based on gross family income and is therefore available to those on a low income or those receiving benefits, assistance is available for under 18 year olds based on specific individual and personal circumstances. The range of support is slightly different for students aged 16-18 and those aged over 19.

For students aged 16-18 only

Using the Government Bursary Fund, Barnfield offers the following packages of assistance:

  • The Barnfield Bursary of up to £1,200
  • The Barnfield Maintenance Award of up to £350
  • The Barnfield Discretionary Award
  • Free College Meals

Full details of eligibility for assistance and for help with applying are available from Student Services at either college campus.

For all eligible students

Other areas of need in which assistance can be considered are:

  • Kit, equipment and specialist clothing for any essential items which are extra to the basic kit where this is already provided by the course (all ages
  • Childcare place fees (aged 20+ only). For 16-19 students please see Care to Learn.
  • Travel Assistance (19+ only)
  • Other essential course related expenses
  • Help for crisis or exceptional circumstances

How to apply for available funds

Students can contact Student Services, located at both campuses, to discuss their circumstances and needs.

Details and information, advice on conditions and eligibility, as well as advice on completing the Application Form are all available in Student Services.

Once completed, the form should be returned to any member of the Student Services Team on the campus you are studying at.


How to spread the fee cost whilst learning via FlexEd PDF


For Higher Education Students

Our team can provide financial advice if you are intending to go to university or on to higher level study. If you are currently studying with us on one of our higher education courses and need our assistance, then drop in at any time to Student Services.


Care to Learn

Open to students under the age of 20 for Childcare and related costs. Application forms are available from Student Services and online at www.direct.gov.uk/caretolearn or calling the Learner Support helpline on 0800 121 8989


Information on current fee tariffs and help on paying fees for students on low incomes is available from Student Services.

For more information please contact Student Services on 01582 569569

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