Interested in TV & video production, radio or magazine production?

A media course will help learners to develop the personal and communication skills needed in the media industry.

Based at: New Bedford Road Campus

Most of the courses have a heavy use of practical sessions as well as relevant theory. A considerable amount of work takes place out on location, whether it be filming, newspaper or radio interviewing.

The courses are ideal, for those learners wishing to study all aspects of media production such as television, video, radio and magazine production.

Projects also involve considerable group work, as this plays an important role in the development of interpersonal skills and personal development, essential for working in the media industry.

For all Higher Education courses please see the HE page.

All HE courses are validated by Pearson and University Arts London Accreditation

Job Roles:

  • TV and Video Production
  • Film Maker
  • Contemporary Media Theory
  • Photographer
  • Personal Communication
  • Animator
  • Journalist
  • Radio RJ
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