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About Us

Barnfield College has an exciting future. With a new Principal and Team we are all focused and determined to develop the College serving the learners, communities and businesses of Luton and the surrounding area.

As part of our vision, we aim to promote and lead a culture of shared values. They are the solid foundation and main principles of our culture. By consistently working hard to maintain our values, we will keep what makes Barnfield so special – an organisation that is deeply committed to delivering quality teaching and learning and providing innovative educational opportunities to the communities of Luton and beyond.

As individuals at Barnfield College, our values are to:

  • Ensure that exceptional teaching and learning and an outstanding student experience lies at the heart of everything we do
  • Work hard and SMART with full commitment and integrity ensuring that decisions are ethically and commercially sound
  • Be honest and transparent in our decisions wherever possible
  • Establish and maintain a fair working environment free from discrimination, bullying and prejudice
  • Always be proactive and positive in addressing issues and not to be afraid of pioneering new approaches
  • Seek, recognise and acknowledge the potential in others
  • Take personal responsibility for one’s own actions
  • Possess high expectations of oneself and others
  • Be courteous and respect others
  • Use appropriate humour and ensure that learning can be fun
  • Set and maintain high professional standards at all times.

As an organisation we will value:

  • The creation of a safe, caring, transparent, disciplined and supportive environment where students reach their full potential and achieve as many goals as possible
  • Making outstanding learning and teaching a high priority
  • Continually developing our curriculum ensuring it is innovative, addresses the entrepreneurialism agenda, is current, meets and exceeding the needs of our stakeholders
  • The use of clear, timely and concise communication
  • The opinions of our students and other stakeholders
  • The diversity of our College and local community where services are open and accessible to all, supported by a welcoming and friendly environment
  • The use of coaching to promote self and team development and improvement

Our Courses

We provide a huge selection of vocational courses and career opportunities from Entry Level up to University Level.

Our full and part-time courses are designed to develop your skills, knowledge and qualification base, as well as create opportunities for you to build a fulfilling and successful career.

Our staff are enthusiastic, caring, highly skilled and totally dedicated to ensuring that all students are happy, successful and reach their full potential.

For more information please contact Student Services on 01582 569569

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